'Tecfeel' is the unique international project, exceptionally founded for the machinery spare parts wholesale in 2013. Consignment order request for each position should contain a minimum of 50 items and total order sum has to be no less than 10000 EUR. We collect orders from hundreds of wholesalers worldwide. We carry out the investigation of the European factories to pick out the best of quality and place multiple orders under the 'Tecfeel' brand. It takes not more than 2-3 weeks for production to be started after placing the order. Shipment to a customer will start in average of 8-10 weeks. Each portion of the product undergoes thorough quality testing of the order performed. Large number of orders could help multiple wholesalers gain considerable savings thanks to Tecfeel, and they mightn't profit in such a way in case of placing production orders by themselves independently. The core principle of our company is permanent benefit's growth of our customers. If you are a manufacturer we'd kindly ask you to send your proposals to us. Our contact e-mail: info@tecfeel.com